My own video game

2013-03-27 17:29:45 by Sheodon

Hey everyone.

I've started to work on my own video game project called "Erah". It will be a 2D fantasy RPG, containing both retro & jRPG elements, and also western game elements with some "art game" moments. A lot of unique features will be able to experience, like a totally unique level up system without classes (what you learn and use, will level up), and an interactive world, where you can invite most people to your team. However, the different characters will reflect to each other differently: rivals, friends and archenemies are also exist in this content. It also affects the storyline.

If you're interested, feel free to visit the FB page of the game. Every like and share is appreciated! 67


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2013-03-27 17:41:57

This looks cool, count me in for the Facebook pages.

Sheodon responds:

Thank you so much! :) It is really appreciated! ;)