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New Site

2015-04-24 17:51:25 by Sheodon

If you want to see more: [LINK]

Our own site!

2013-08-02 13:55:42 by Sheodon

The official website and forum of Erah is open now!

The forum is available in both Hungarian and English. Feel free to register and become an active member of the community!

Difficulty Select

2013-07-22 11:52:20 by Sheodon

Erah will offer 4 difficulty levels, each with different experiences. Story enables to enjoy the story without any difficulties, normal is the average game experience, heroic contains a bit more challenge, and legendary is only for hardcore players.

Which difficulty will you choose?

Difficulty Select

Erah - OFFICIAL Trailer

2013-06-05 09:46:58 by Sheodon

Here's the official trailer of my non-commercial video game project, Erah:

Erah - OFFICIAL Trailer

My own video game

2013-03-27 17:29:45 by Sheodon

Hey everyone.

I've started to work on my own video game project called "Erah". It will be a 2D fantasy RPG, containing both retro & jRPG elements, and also western game elements with some "art game" moments. A lot of unique features will be able to experience, like a totally unique level up system without classes (what you learn and use, will level up), and an interactive world, where you can invite most people to your team. However, the different characters will reflect to each other differently: rivals, friends and archenemies are also exist in this content. It also affects the storyline.

If you're interested, feel free to visit the FB page of the game. Every like and share is appreciated! 67

The last modifications had been finished: the album is released. The digital version is nwo available totally free. The Blue Flame Candle audioproject contains 10 music which based on Piano, expanded with a soothing and moving melodies. The album contains 1 totally new music unreleased until the debut of the project, and some other pieces has been remastered to match with the current quality standards.

Every response is appreciated, and if you can, please share it with your aquintances and friends. And one last thing: the CD version of this project is coming soon, but at the moment I cannot tell further information about it.

It's over 200!

2012-06-09 21:10:44 by Sheodon

[YouTube Channel]

Finally I reached more than 200 subscribers in YouTube (it's 207 exactly at the moment I'm writing this post). Thanks so much, because I know a few people subscribed from Newgrounds! ^^

For this moment I'm gonna make an extra interactive video.

I'm also working with full potential on "Blue Flame Candle", which will be my first downloadable music album (it'll be totally free) and will contain music based on piano. Mostly inspired by classical (this time), but they'll also contain some soundtrack-inspired pieces (especially because I usually create film scores).

One other thing: I'm working on other video where I'll answer some questions whiches are frequently asked (or not). So if you have any questions about my music, about music (composing), or something personal, feel free to ask it here, or as a P.M.

4 Projects at the same time!!!

2011-12-18 08:29:34 by Sheodon

Yeah, I'm working on 4 totally different projects at the same time!

The first is the well-known The Guardians, which is a story-telling soundtrack of my upcoming fantasy-drama novel with an unique world. The second is Phoenix Project, which inspired by New Age music and discography of Vangelis.

The other two projects will be totally new and totally different from the first two projects. What I can say about them is that the first will be similar for those who previously heard my older songs and they know well my "discography". The fourth one will be a totally new thing and going to be made from zero.

Any questions are welcomed here or in P.M.

"Water is the essence"

2011-09-30 19:05:54 by Sheodon can also say this if you check my new design, because I have - after a few years, finally did another design concept for my homepage.

I know nobody check it, but for me it's just more enjoyable, since I check this page everyday. And it's something new which I won't bore so soon. :P

Two Projects

2011-09-12 16:04:08 by Sheodon

Hey guys!

First, I want to thank you all of the kinds comments, reviews written to me as a review or a private message. They are all appreciated, and I'm really glad you enjoy my creations. It's good to hear you are interested in my music. It's... just awesome.

Second, I'm working at the moment on two projects: first, on Phoenix Project, then the second is Soul Edge Story - The Soundtrack. They are both really unique and different projecs and I'm glad I can work on them, even if both of them is my own creation.

You can listen the latest creations for these project here:

The Guardians - Against your friend
Phoenix Project - Rising

EDIT: The "Soul Edge Story" project was officially renamed to "The Guardians".